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In the United States, buildings and homes
account for:

• 36% of total energy use
• 65% of electricity consumption
• 30% of greenhouse gas emissions

We use building methods and materials that can greatly reduce your homes energy consumption, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills, and greater comfort.

ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms)
The construction of the foundation and walls of any project is where it all begins. 
The decisions made here, are critical to the overall cost and ongoing energy savings. 
In place of concrete blocks, at DCR we prefer  Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). 
They allow us to build external walls with superior strength and thermal properties.
Since ICF components are made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), ICF substantially improves the R-value of the walls to R-24 or above. Conventional building blocks have
an R value of 6 to 9. ICF allows for speed of construction and strength beyond the typical block. ICF is installed with a web of “steel re-bar” and then filled with concrete.  When built, this wall will provide the ultimate in strength and efficiency along with the benefit of what is known as thermal mass.

Installing attic insulation that provides an R-50 level is an excellent investment.
This is an effective way of preventing heat from escaping, through the roof in cold weather,
or heat being absorbed, into the house, during the summer. Properly installed fiberglass,
or preferably spray foam, are necessary to create the tight envelope necessary for
true energy savings.

Choosing the right window is essential. In addition to the walls of a building,
windows are a significant contributor to the energy efficiency of the structure.
In the average house, 38% of the heat loss is through windows and doors.
Multi-pane, low-E thermal windows filled with argon gas can save approximately
35% of the energy required to heat and cool a house.

Heating and Cooling
Install HVAC systems that divide a structure into multiple zones so that energy is only consumed in areas where you need it. Utilizing programmable microprocessors allow the HVAC system to operate at a lower level during periods of the day when occupants are not around.  You can install a fresh air heat exchanger which will keep the air fresh, clean, and healthy.

Install a geothermal system which uses the Earth's constant temperature below ground to help heat and cool your home or building for a fraction of the cost on a monthly basis.

Install solar energy panels to provide some, if not all, of the electricity required for your home or commercial building. You will benefit from substantial tax incentives and excess electrical power can generally be sold back to the local utility company.

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